Fundraising ideas for schools

FUNdraising for Your School Assembly or Event

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a speaker to do an awesome prevention program at your school (Thanks for visiting! I’d love to come see you!). That also means that you’re probably figuring out the best way to fund your prevention program. I love working with so many proactive students, teachers, parents and administrators who are determined to raise money for a good cause, but many of them don’t know where to begin. If the thought of hosting another car wash or bake sale bores you, try one of these FUNdraising ideas to raise cash and support your cause!

Students cleaning in community to fundraise for school program

Community Clean Up

I love this idea because it really makes a difference in your town while helping you raise money for your school assembly or cause. Set a date, get trash bags and gloves donated, pick an area of your community that needs cleaning up, and collect pledges for hours worked or pounds of trash collected. A local organization may even sponsor your effort for the day and pay for your time and services.

School pajama day fundraiser

Break the Dress Code!

If your school has a dress code, get permission from your admins to break it for a day — for a good cause! Set a theme, like pajama day, ugly ties or crazy hats, then let students participate and leave their uniforms at home for the day for a $2 contribution.

Yard sale fundraiser for school program

Community Yard Sale

I love doing community nights because they get everyone on board with a prevention message. Get your community involved from the get-go by hosting a yard sale to raise funds for your program. Ask your neighbors to donate used items from their garages, attics and basements, then sell them in a massive yard sale to raise money for your program.

Sounds better than a car wash, right?!? For more FUNdraising ideas like these, check out my step-by-step guide to planning and hosting effective and fun school fundraisers – The Student’s Guide to Successful Fundraising. It’s jam packed with more ideas, templates and advice on how to make big money for your organization and have fun while doing it!

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