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Make everyday choices count

Genuine. Funny. Relevant. Memorable.

For more than 20 years, Cara has shared her powerfully positive prevention and leadership programs with more than 2 million people in 5 countries. Cara’s keynotes, workshops and leadership trainings have inspired people to embrace change, overcome obstacles, manage risk, make healthy choices, and ultimately care more, speak up and stand out!

School Programs

Designed to inspire high school and college students, Cara’s programs and powerful takeaways offer real-life tips for building resilience, becoming an impactful leader and making positive choices while navigating the ‘roadtrip’ of school. The Destination? A G.P.S. – Game Plan for Success in school and in life.


Described as relevant, energetic, funny, straightforward and honest, Cara’s client-tailored conference keynotes delivers moving real-life stories and strategies that help audiences steer their personal drive to make great choices for themselves and others.


Cara works closely with non-profit and parent organizations, law enforcement and government agencies and businesses of all sizes to engage and inspire audiences to make everyday choices count and lead by design not default. She brings 20+ years of personal development experience to each customized program for your organization.

Cara Filler holds the perfect recipe for addressing serious issues in a memorable, relevant way with today’s young people.

She delivers empathy, levity, authority and an unconditional pure interest in the choices and safety of those in her audience.

Lori England, ASB Advisor, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA

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