Dealing with Mean Girls (and Guys)!

At one point or another, everyone falls victim to the mean girls (or the mean boys). Maybe it’s because you forgot it was Wednesday and wore blue instead of pink, or maybe it’s because you got an answer wrong in English or spilled ketchup on your uniform or…whatever.

It’s more likely that you did nothing wrong at all – mean girls and mean guys make other people their victims because it makes them feel better about themselves. They lack self-esteem, so they leech it from others whenever they can. That’s pretty sad, but it can feel crushing when they do it to you.

We’ve all known mean girls and guys, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with them. Next time you encounter these types of people, follow these tips to deal:

Stand Up to Them

Often, all it takes is one person to refuse to be hurt and to stand up. Mean girls are not used to being called out on their tactics, and simply saying “We don’t have to be friends, but you don’t have the right to talk to me like that” can do wonders.

Ignore Them

Mean girls and guys thrive on making other people feel bad, but what happens when it doesn’t work? They lose their power when you ignore them and keep your cool. Don’t give them the reaction they want. Instead, count to ten, pretend to text someone on your phone, open a book or just walk away. Keep a smile on your face, show no fear and hold your head high.

Talk to Someone

Mean girls and guys like to act tough but rarely have the courage to do it in front of adults. If you are being bullied, talk to a teacher, counselor, coach, parent or other adult you trust. They will be put on alert and intervene if necessary. Think of them as your back-up; they are on your side.

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