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Empower your students and inspire positive change with Cara Filler, a renowned prevention and leadership speaker who brings warmth, humor, empathy and passion to every event. For nearly 30 years, Cara has been transforming lives in high schools, colleges and conferences worldwide with her engaging and transformative presentations.

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Transform your next event into an unforgettable experience.

High Schools

Cara’s programs deliver powerful takeaways for high school students, including practical tips for building resilience, becoming an impactful leader and making positive choices. Her “Game Plan for Success (GPS)” steers audiences in the right direction while navigating the “road trip” of school.

Colleges + Universities

Passionate about empowering students, Cara’s engaging presentations ignite positive change, fostering leadership and safer choices. Book Cara today and transform your event into a life-changing experience for your college community, Greek organization or club.


Relevant, energetic, funny, straightforward and honest, Cara’s client-tailored conference keynotes deliver moving real-life stories and strategies that help audiences steer their personal drive to make great choices for themselves and others.

More than 2 million people around the world have been inspired by Cara's message.

Make your school next.

Book Cara today and inspire your high school, college or conference audience to embrace their leadership potential and make safer, more positive choices. Don’t miss this chance to create a lasting impact – schedule your call with Cara now!

"They said it was the best presentation they ever heard."

Hear directly from students how Cara is changing the world, one school at a time.

Cara tackles the tough stuff.

Cara Filler is fearless when it comes to addressing tough topics relevant to teens and young adults. With a unique blend of empathy, humor, and engaging storytelling, she tackles pressing issues head-on, creating a lasting impression on her audience. Trust Cara to guide your students through sensitive subjects while empowering them to make positive, informed choices.

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Act now to book Cara for your high school, college or conference, and unlock your audience’s potential to become leaders, change-makers and advocates for safer choices. Take the first step towards a brighter future – book Cara today!


Discover the impact of Cara's presentations through the eyes of teachers and administrators who have witnessed the transformation in their students.

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