We all know that talking to teens about safe driving and other tough topics can be challenging, but Cara shows parents how to communicate effectively in an honest, relevant and realistic way. She engages parents and supports them, helps them understand the way teens think and sheds light on why they act the way they do. You’ll leave her Parent Program with the support you need to help your teens stay safe, make smart decisions and succeed on the road of life.

Parent keynotes, workshops, conferences, seminars and more!

Cara Filler’s parent programs focus on how parents can communicate effectively with their teens in an honest, realistic and relevant way while actively participating in their lives; reminding parents to be a parent first, and a friend, second. Cara is passionate about supporting parents in understanding how teens think, the risks they face, and why they behave the way they do. A recognized leader on personal growth and overcoming adversity, Cara is well-prepared to motivate, educate, and energize parents to provide the much needed support teens need to stay safe, make smart decisions and succeed in school and in life.

Through Cara’s “Road Sensibility” program, you’ll learn:
  • Fun and realistic ways to get your children to open up and share
  • How to teach decision making and traffic safety and leave a positive, lasting impact
  • How to “keep them safe” so you never get “the call” in the middle of the night
"Cara reaches and touches the lives of every person in the room.
She is someone I bring back year after year to talk to students and parents."

Deb Deacon, Burlington, VT

"I love how Cara is able to swing between the seriousness of her message with humorous bits!"

Stephanie Caldwell, Forest Heights Community School

"Cara captivated our audience with her humor and touching stories.
She had them laughing one minute and crying the next!"

Shirley Bitters, Dexter, MI


  • Assemblies (Any Time Of Year)
  • Orientation week
  • Back-to-school programs
  • Student government events
  • AFA, NACA, APCA events
  • Greek events

  • Housing & residence life events
  • Commencement & graduations
  • Student conferences
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  • And more!