The iSPOKE UP Campaign encourages people to share their voices and make a difference in the world by bravely speaking up for their friends, their beliefs and, most importantly, for themselves even when it’s not easy or popular.

The idea for the iSPOKE UP campaign started when Cara realized that students flooded her Facebook page and email after her events sharing stories of how they had already used what they learned and taken action. They shared gratitude for how much Cara’s message helped them, they opened up about their lives, and shared their own stories about when they spoke up for themselves and others.

Cara decided she wanted everyone to have a place to share their voice, their impact and their difference in the world. iSPOKE UP is a place where we all get to enjoy and celebrate these stories of change, care and goodness in the world together.

We may never be able to count the number of lives saved, but we can count how many iSPOKE UP stories are shared and the number of people impacted by Cara Filler’s message of CARE MORE… SPEAK UP…STAND OUT…

Here’s to creating a positive lasting difference in our schools, communities and the world.

Who or what have you stood up for? Share your story using the form below!

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