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Your approach to your message – that you were not here today to tell us what to do and what not to do, but instead to give us choices and the ability to apply those choices – made a stronger impact on us compared to any other adult that has spoken to us.

– Emily L., Student

You finally conveyed to the kids in my school why driving safety is so important. You have become my inspiration to work through the tougher times. I know you are the person that I will end up thinking about at least once a day, reminding myself to make the right choice. You are my role model.

– Gianna, Student, New Jersey

Thank you for coming to our school. Our students talked about you all day. They said it was the best presentation they had ever heard. You are changing the world — one school at a time. Can’t wait to hear it for a third time!

– AJ Bryant , Teacher

Cara Filler holds the perfect recipe for addressing serious issues in a memorable, relevant way with today’s young people… empathy, levity, authority and an unconditional pure interest in the choices and safety of those in her audience.

– Lori England, ASB Advisor, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA

There are very few speakers who have the ability to relate to a student audience as Cara does. Cara’s passion and commitment to her message is obvious, and her ability to connect with a student audience is outstanding!

– Dave Conlon, Student Activity Director – Elmira Secondary School, Ontario

My daughter and I heard you speak last night, and my son heard your speech five years ago. I know some of the remarks you made then were really impactful to him and have been all this time. Your story is making a huge difference.

– Edith A., Parent

I really enjoyed your presentation. It’s not easy to jump back and forth between tragedy and comedy, but you did a great job of keeping us all invested in what you had to share. Your message will resonate with us for a long time.

– Gregory P., Middle School Counselor

Thank you so much for speaking at conference. Your presentation will help me cope with all the hard times I have experienced and I promise to always stick my neck out for my friends. Thanks again, you are amazing!

– Rachel, 4H Student, Iowa

Cara knows how to talk so that teens listen. She made deep connections with all the students. Her core message about believing in oneself and standing up for one another resonated with the group. She taught them that they have options and can make the right choices. It was a resounding “win” for our conference to have Cara as our keynote!

– Christy McWard, Director of Event Management, Johnson County Community College

Today I was one of the thousands of students you inspired. I hope I can embrace your story and lesson for the rest of my life, and I hope you can continue to teach the world and spread your positive message. To be honest, I didn’t think today’s assembly would be anything special, but you proved me wrong. It makes a difference. Thank you, it was humorous, emotional, touching and inspirational.

– Tyler S., High School Student

I got the message loud and clear, not to speed or drive under any influence. I was in a car with a teenager this weekend who was texting and speeding, but luckily I had the two Ps to use. Thank you so much for teaching me that and making a difference in my life today.“

– Andrew A., Student

You are truly inspirational and your message deeply touched me. You’ve inspired me to make better choices, and I know your message will save many lives. My school was so fortunate to get to hear your story.

– Lindsey W., Student


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