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An expert on teen driving, graduated licensing and distracted driving, Cara is a highly sought after traffic safety speaker.

Cara’s Straight Talk/No Nonsense Traffic Safety presentation will make you more aware of your responsibility when getting behind the wheel of a car, the importance of respecting others and how “Road Sensibility” reduces injuries and fatalities. Cara speaks openly and honestly, engaging her audience with a straightforward, honest and often hilarious delivery that encourages action. You’ll leave wanting to make a difference – and knowing how.


"Cara Filler holds the perfect recipe for addressing serious issues in a memorable, relevant way with today’s young people… empathy, levity, authority and an unconditional pure interest
in the choices and safety of those in her audience."

Lori England, ASB Advisor, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA

"Out of a personal tragedy Cara reaches and touches the lives of every person in the room. She is an energetic, engaging, honest, humorous and motivating speaker. She is passionate about educating students to make better choices."

Deb Deacon, Associate Principal, Burlington High School, MA

"Wow! Cara's delivery and techniques were the best I have witnessed for high school students. She was so genuine in her concern for our students and stayed long after to visit and meet with students who were
captivated with her message."

Superintendent and teachers, Lawson High School


  • Assemblies (Any Time Of Year)
  • Orientation week
  • Back-to-school programs
  • Student government events
  • AFA, NACA, APCA events
  • Greek events

  • Housing & residence life events
  • Commencement & graduations
  • Student conferences
  • Summer programs
  • Leadership trainings
  • And more!