Cara may be an adult, but she still goes to high school. Each year, she visits over 200 schools to share her powerful message and deliver an eye-opening hour-long presentation on traffic safety, risk-taking and peer pressure.

Her program is one of the most effective of its kind, and her “Power of Choice” message has reached, moved, touched and inspired millions of young lives in five countries.

Described as believable, energetic, funny, straightforward and honest, Cara tailors her presentations for each individual audience and delivers real-life prevention strategies that work, including a little dance that your students will never forget.

If you have ever worked with teens, you know how difficult it can be to keep their attention. Cara’s heartwarming and often hilarious presentation does it every time, and her message is remembered long after her presentation ends.


Whether it is learning the “Rules of the Road to Success” or “How to Become America’s Next Top Role Model,” Cara has an array of topics that can cater to your school’s needs. Click on the titles below to learn more about Cara’s prevention and leadership programs for high school students.

The Drive to Save Lives

Through this eye-opening presentation on traffic safety and risk taking, Cara inspires students to stand up for themselves and their friends, have a good time safely and make better life-changing decisions. With entertaining and powerful messages, Cara encourages students to step up and realize they own the Power of Choice. Book now!

Driven: The Rules of the Road to Success

Life is a journey, and Cara gives students a road map to navigate through it’s speed bumps and roadblocks. Students learn how to create their own GPS (Game Plan for Success!), develop an unstoppable drive forward and the secrets of getting in the express lane to success. Book now!

Let's Get R.E.A.L!

In this fast-paced presentation, Cara gets students Really Excited About Leadership. Students walk away with real answers to real questions, like what defines a true leader and how to be one, what L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. stands for and how to make a positive, lasting difference in their school and community. Book now!

Are You America’s Next Top Role Model?

Do you have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Role Model? During this workshop, students go through extensive training to learn the characteristics of role models and how to become one, how to make a big difference by doing little things, and how to walk the role model talk. Book now!

The Three Ps of Leadership

Exciting and fresh, students leave this workshop with the tools they need to become extraordinary leaders in their schools and communities. They will learn how to live with Purpose, Passion and Persistence, and to use these Three Ps to bring out their natural leader, tap into the power of positive peer influence and lead any team to remarkable success. Book now!

Give Me An “A”: It’s All About Attitude!

Cara can’t do a cartwheel, but she still makes a great cheerleader! That’s because she knows how to stay positive through any obstacle, adversity or hardship. In this hilarious presentation, she teaches students the skills they need to overcome any challenge and reach their goals. Book now!

"Cara Filler holds the perfect recipe for addressing serious issues in a memorable, relevant way with today’s young people… empathy, levity, authority and an unconditional pure interest
in the choices and safety of those in her audience."

Lori England, ASB Advisor, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA

"Out of a personal tragedy Cara reaches and touches the lives of every person in the room. She is an energetic, engaging, honest, humorous and motivating speaker. She is passionate about educating students to make better choices."

Deb Deacon, Associate Principal, Burlington High School, MA

"Wow! Cara's delivery and techniques were the best I have witnessed for high school students. She was so genuine in her concern for our students and stayed long after to visit and meet with students who were
captivated with her message."

Superintendent and teachers, Lawson High School


  • Assemblies (Any Time Of Year)
  • Student Conferences
  • SADD, CYAID, NSSP, MADD Functions
  • DECA, ASB, Key Club, FFA Events
  • Academic, Athletic & Club Banquets
  • Back-to-School Programs

  • National Honor Society programs
  • Alcohol / Drug Awareness programs
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Commencements / Graduations
  • Summer programs
  • And more!