Fundraising Resources and Downloads

Below is the full list of our helpful samples, checklists and templates from the Student’s Guide to Successful Fundraising: How to Make a Plan, Make an Impact and Make BIG Money for Your School, Club or Organization. Click the buttons below to download each resource and start raising funds for your next project!

Event Budget Sample & Template: Income

Use this sample and template to estimate the money-raising potential of your event.

Fundraising Event Budget Template: Expenses

Plan for all the expenses associated with your fundraising event.

Sample Pledge Form

Hosting a Walk-a-Thon or similar event? Use this sample pledge form to get sponsors and donations.

Donation Letter Template

This template makes asking for donations and services easy! Just fill in the blanks and you’ll be on the way to fundraising success.

Sample Mail Donation

Include these slips with your donation letters to make giving to your cause easy.

Sample Press Release

Build a buzz and get the word out about your event by making an effective press release based on this sample.

Sample Donor Receipt

Use these simple receipts to keep track of donations.

Thank You Letter Template

Show your gratitude to the supporters and volunteers who made your event a success with this thank you letter template.

Fundraising Action Steps Checklist

Here it is! All the Action Steps from The Student’s Guide to Successful Fundraising in one PDF. Follow the checklist to make every event you throw a success!